Girls Just Want To Have Wine!


The Timmermann and Huelsman girls bus left at 11:15 with 12 women aboard for our day of touring some Illinois wineries. Our first stop was a Schorr Lake Vineyards in Waterloo.  After tasting a few wines Karen T. and I decided to share bottle of the Red Sunset. After we all had made our wine purchases. We enjoyed them on their patio with some tasty appetizers that Jean prepared for us.

Jean gave each one of us a Wine Woozie. I love it!

Tasty appetizers that Jean made for us!

After enjoying our wine and food we were off to Red Bud to Lau-Nae Winery. This winery was great. They had great wines (my favorite was their Petite Syrah), atmosphere and Matt (the owner)  took us on a tour on how wine is made. Jean arranged for us to have dinner here which was very good and needed 😉

They use this tool to measure sugar in the grapes. That is how they know when they are ready to harvest.

Karen and I were admiring how long and skinny our legs are! Ha!

The Winos!

Our last stop (well we thought our last stop) was in Evansville, IL. It is a small town located on the Kaskaskia River. The place was call Liberty Courtyard. Carol who is part owner of this place works at Autotech. She told us when we got there that it use to be a whorehouse. I might have play off that when naming their place 😉 They have a wonderful place with a great view of the river.

They served us dessert here. Our choices were cheesecake, Blackberry cobbler or ice cream with a dessert wine on top. We opted for a little it of all three! They were all very tasty but I was miserable after eating all that. Pouring a dessert wine over ice cream is a great idea. I had a pear wine that very good.

Look who I found in Evansville!

We were sitting at Liberty Courtyard and the gentleman next us asked where we were from. He then asked if we knew Father Ben. It never dawned on me that was where his parish was. He then went and told Fr. Ben that we were there and he surprised us with a visit. We had a great visit and told him that Breese misses him!

We headed home with some country music playing…I mean old country music. Note to self: bring CD’s next time 😉 Some of us ended up at Big Stix for a while…Karen H. just wasn’t ready to go home. She even talked Mark into going out with us. We all had a great time.  The best way to visit wineries is to take a bus with a DD (THANKS Jeanie) and thank you to everyone!

I believe we all tend to forget what we all have so close to us.  Hidden Lake Winery is one, such a beautiful place. You never would guess you are in Clinton County. We need to take advantage of these wonderful places. I never knew Illinois had so many wineries. What wineries in IL are your favorites?

Make it a great Monday!


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  1. Liberty Courtyard featured Illinois wines and my favorite was Norton which they purchased from Mary Michelle Winery located at Route 2, Box 7A – Carrollton, Illinois. The next time I travel to the cabin I plan to alter my typical route and make a stop at the winery and purchase more Norton. You (Jill) did a wonderful job of photographing and narrating the day. I vote that we continue to expand our horizions for more Illinois wineries.

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