Pesto Chicken


I learned how to make my links clickable…yayy! So you should be able to click on them and they will come up in a different screen. This is a slow process but I am learning 😉

I love Pesto! This is one of my favorite recipes. I really do not have a exact written down recipe of it. I will be using my own pesto I made from my basil plants. That will be a post at a later date. You can use store bought Pesto.

I am using chicken breast today. You can also use a whole bird if you would like. I went to Super Valu (this is a grocery store here in Breese where my sister in law Diane works) looking for chicken breast with the bone in. They had a special on breast quarters, which is the breast and wing attached. I really did not want to take off that wing. I mentioned that to the butcher and he gladly offered to cut it off for me. Never be afraid to ask your butcher to help you out. They are more than willing. We have another butcher in town, Hellige’s and they are very helpful as well.

Pesto Chicken

  • 1 jar of pesto (I believe mine was 8 oz. whatever size a Dippty-do jar is….yes your read it right! Do they still make Dippty-do? If using a whole bird or more than 4 breasts you will need more)
  • Parmesan cheese I added at least 1 cup to  a cup of my homemade pesto ( if purchasing pesto you may or may not want to add parmesan cheese…I would 🙂 My pesto does not have Parmesan cheese in it. I store my pesto in the freezer. After it has thawed I add the cheese)
  • If you love garlic you could had some minced garlic. Pesto will have garlic in it
  • chicken with skin on

Mix everything together but the chicken. Then you will want to put your finger under the skin and loosen it up. Put pesto under the skin and all over the outside of it. Put chicken on a greased baking sheet. Bake at 400 F until down. It was approximately 40 minutes for me today.Simple!

Putting the pesto or whatever rub you use under the skin is essential for getting great flavor.

I have only found these tiny potatoes at Trader Joes. You can use other types of potatoes, diced. I tossed the potatoes with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. You can add herbs and/or garlic to this. I roasted them along with the chicken.

I cooked the green beans and then tossed them with a tiny bit of butter. Then I seasoned with one of my favorite seasonings...Cavender's Greek seasoning.

I have no clue why the last photo is in bold. Ugh! Anyway, here is the Greek seasoning website It is really good. I also use it on baked or roasted potatoes. It is made in Arkansas. You can find it in just about any grocery store.

It was a very tasty and simple meal 🙂

I mentioned on my last post that I was going to look at granite for my counter tops. WOW…there is a lot to choose from. I am not a good decision maker but, I found one right off the bat.  I had picked out a granite by looking at 4″ x 4″ square samples. Boy was I glad I went to see the slabs because I really did not care for it at all. I would strongly suggest to go look at the slabs before purchasing any granite. The Design Studio has been so helpful and patient with my lack of making decisions…thank you Donna and Reagan;)

I should mention after looking at the granite. We went and had lunch at Sage across from the Anheuser Busch Brewery. I have been there 2 times. Both times the food was very good. Service on Tuesday…not so great. Check out their website … those desserts on the right. These would be super easy to do and look great. I think they used glass votives. They had all kinds of different flavors. Mine had a cake at the bottom. I believe they baked a cake then took the votive, turned it upside down and used it like a cookie cutter to make round pieces of cake. Then they layered it with pudding or cream and blueberries. It was really tasty. Reagan had Boston Cream and Donna had something that was all chocolate. I definitely plan on trying this for a dinner party!

Relish Food and Life!


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  1. Hi! I am Erica’s friend from grad school! Love your blog! The chicken looks wonderful! But not as amazing as that granite is going to! I’m jealous! I miss my granite counter tops! Someday I’ll have them in my next house 🙂

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