Sausage Stuffed Peppers


Wow, what a weekend. We had so much fun!! The wedding was beautiful. I never seen such a happy couple. The distillery and wineries tour was fun…a little hard the day after the wedding…lot’s of fun hanging out in the hotel bar with friends, Niagara Falls was beautiful and our food tasting of local foods from Buffalo was yummy. Our favorite was the Beef on a Weck from Charlie the Butcher. We checked out 2 grocery stores that were amazing!! Only Samantha and I would want to check out grocery stores on a trip 😉 Oh, Jan D. would too! Mark and I even got to experience what it was like to spend the night in an airport! How lucky was that! Here are a few photos of the weekend.

There are lots of waterfalls by Watkins Glen, New York

Their wedding cake made by Cake Boss 🙂

Jon Jay from the Cardinals sat in front of us...I know I am a dork taking photo of him 🙂

The group at the Distillery. At the distillery and wineries they paired the wine and spirits with food. It was very tasty and interesting.

Niagara Falls


It was freezing! The wind changed and we got soaked! Brr


Beef on a Weck. They are everywhere but, Charlie the Butcher has the best! The bun had salt and caraway seeds on top. The beef was so tender.

Great way to get your groceries home!

Mark's buddy at the Baltimore airport....they solved a lot of world problems that night 😉

Our Bedroom for the night at Baltimore airport.

Here is an appetizer that is super easy and everyone loves. This is another recipe Donna J. will like…less than 5 ingredients 😉

Sausage Stuffed Peppers

  • Small sweet peppers
  • 1lb of zesty or spicy Jimmy Dean whatever you grocery store has
  • 8 ozs. cream cheese
  • Parmesan Cheese

Cut peppers in half and scrap out seeds. Brown sausage, drain. Add cream cheese and Parmesan cheese. I just put a handful of parmesan in and mix. Put mixture inside of pepper halves. Bake at 375 until cheese has melted.

A grapefruit spoon works great from getting seeds out.

I think I may need a new one 😉

Brown Sausage

Add cream cheese and parmesan cheese

Ready to fill the pepper.

Sausage Stuffed Peppers

These peppers are tricky to find. They are the size of jalapenos. I use to find them at Sam’s but the last couple of times they have not had them. I really think you can go to your local grocery store and purchase red, yellow and orange peppers and slice them. I think they will have enough of a cup to hold the sausage.

You would slice where the indents are at the top.

I know I said I would be posting photos of the kitchen…I have decided to just give you a peep of it and let you see the whole thing when it is all finished 😉

My silverware drawer ♥

I know I showed you this already but, I LOVE it!

I am in panic mode right now. So much to do and so little time until Christmas. I have no decorations up. Poor Grace points out everyone’s decorations. Oh, I forgot to mention Christmas shopping! The kitchen should be done around December 22nd. Just in time for me to have family on Christmas 🙂 Breathe Jill! It will all be good.

Relish Food & Life!


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