Me, My Daughter, and our HomeGoods, Shabby Chic Quest


People have been asking me to post photos of my trip. Here is a portion of the trip…I went to West Palm Beach to help Samantha, my daughter add some warmth to her apartment. She wanted it to feel more like a home.

Her favorite store is Anthropologie It has a shabby chic feeling and that is what we were going for. HomeGoods was our friend. I cannot remember how many HomeGoods stores we were in…I know it was a bunch! It was amazing how we found different things in each one. Samantha has a Mini Cooper and that made it challenging getting our purchases  home. We were able to borrow a bigger vehicle for our trip to Ikea….thank goodness.

Believe it or not... we got that ALL in there 😉

Unfortunately, we did not take any before photos. Here are the after photos.

Samantha already had this for her bathroom, so worked off it. She bought the print off etsy website and the frame at an antique store. Super Cute.

We added splashes of color to the bathroom with the orchids and towels here. We also found those cute bottles in the corner to dispense her soap and lotion.

We found these fun grasses to act kind of like a wall. The glass container in the corner we filled with bath salts.

The green glasses in the corner are drinking glass, we used them as candle holders and the decorative bottle she put bubble bath in it.

On to her bedroom

She had this piece already. So that was our inspiration. Isn't it a cute idea? She uses it as a jewelry holder.

She also had the bed spread. We purchased the print above her bed, pillows, the tables beside the bed and greens on top of them. She had the bed, we roughed it up with sandpaper to give it the worn shabby chic look.

We added everything here except her jewelry holder.

We planted several plants for her balcony.

We found these wine crates at a liquor store. She stacked them to make an end table.

She has very very high ceilings. We ordered curtains for living room and the bedroom. Her current roommate is moving to another city:( When she leaves Sam will have to purchase a new couch. We did not find anything for over the couch yet.

We went to Ikea and purchased the sticks in the corner and the TV stand. I would like to add we put together the TV cabinet and the table and chairs OURSELVES. They came in flat boxes! She added a wine crate as a storage drawer. We also purchased new knobs to spruce up the cabinet.

We found this recliner at HomeGoods and loved it. She purchased it and did not get it into her apartment until I was gone. She placed it by the sticks in the corner. Soo cute!

She had 3 bars stools at that counter. She wanted a table and chairs instead so she could entertain more. There is a mirror peeking behind the one chair. That will go on that wall it is leaning on. She loves to mix match and I think it works with chairs. We were busy furniture builders 🙂

We found these cute rugs and bulletin board for the kitchen. I love the colors.

Samantha made the cork art. We put them on the backsplash to tie in with her wine bottles on top of the cabinets. Oh if only those bottles could talk....

This sign was hung in my mother's beauty shop. I had it hanging in my kitchen. I gave it to Samantha to have a piece of home.

I think that is about it. We were busy bees for 4 days! I loved everything we did, I hope she does 🙂 I thought I would share some photos of her building with you.

This is her building.

Right across the street is City Place. It has lots of restaurants and shopping. So handy to be able to walk to these places.

When you walk out her door right across from it is this room. It is kind of like a club room. There are tvs, pool table, bar etc. She can use it anytime unless it is booked for an event. There are lots of events held here and at the pool. There was a swanky fashion show going on at the pool on one night I was there. There were all these beautifully dressed people in the hall and then Sam and I hauling furniture 😉

The bar.

After this room is the pool area….which is gorgeous.

There is a pavilion by the pool area with a bar/grill area.

One mile from her apartment is the beach!

As you can tell…it is not a very nice place to visit..HA! I had a great time spending time with her.  I am so proud of her and the person she has become. Love you Samantha!


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  1. I love it, you two did an awesome job. If Samantha wants a roomie, I’ll be available in about 3 years (empty nester)! Just kidding! Just looking at the pictures makes me yearn for the beach and palm trees!

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