Super Duper Easy Cheese Spread ~ Jarlsberg -Onion Spread


Hello Everyone!
I tasted this spread at a wine and cheese show. I knew I had to make it. So simple and so good. I brought it to a party last weekend…they quickly gobbled it up!

Ingredient Line Up.

The chunk of Jarlsberg Cheese was around 3/4 lb, 1 red onion, approximately 1/2 cup mayo and a few pinches of pepper. That is it! I served it on rosemary Triscuits…yum yum yum!

Shred Cheese, finely chop onions and add the rest!

Jarlsberg - Onion Cheese Spread

I am heading to CA and Las Vegas for the next week. I hope to post a few times during my trip sharing my food adventures and the fun places I will be visiting. I will share one thing …I am zip lining, well I hope to zip line and not chicken out on Monday.

What do you think…would you do it?

~Relish Food & Life


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  1. Jill – have a great time — I did the “ultimate” zipline experience in mexico – my heart started beating faster just watching the video – brought back good? memories – an experience of my life — very exciting when doing — i went upside down and thought I was going to die. All I can say it is off the bucket list — when you get off and look back where you were and count your blessing — well worth doing ONCE. have a great time. hope vegas doesnt drain the pockets.

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