California ~ Laguna Beach and OC Fair “Let’s Eat”


Hello From Vegas!

Wow, we are having a great time. We have done so much. We arrived in San Diego on Friday. Spent the day there and drove to Laguna Beach where we caught the sunset.

We spent 2 nights in Laguna Beach. We LOVE Laguna! Great Beach. Great Food. Great Drinks. Great Shopping. Great Sunset. What else could you ask for?

After the 2 nights we headed to Anaheim Hills and visited good friends of ours, Jim and Sarah Buckles. In honor of the Clinton County Fair that we were missing…we went to the OC Fair. HOLY cow was there some FRIED food there. It was very interesting.

I am going to stop there with our trip and share some photos with you. I thought I loaded the photos from Grace’s camera onto the computer, but they did not load. I will add those photos in the next post. Stay tuned for the second half 🙂

Beautiful Sunset at Laguna Beach.

We ate at Nick’s in Laguna Beach…the food was excellent. I had the Ribeye Melt, it was very good. Mark had the Blacken halibut. It was also very tasty.

This was one of their appetizers...Deep Fried Deviled Egg. I loved the crunch. I thought stuffing could have used more mayo. It was too stiff and mustardy.

The Buckles joined us for the day. It was great spending time with them.


One of the Buckles fav places is Montage in Laguna. It became ours too! We had a cocktail there. Sarah had a White Chocolate Martini....yum yum yum. I could have guzzled it 😉

Montage was so kind to give us the recipe 🙂
White Chocolate Martini
1 1/2 oz Stoli Vodka
1 1/2 oz Van Gogh chocolate vodka
3/4 oz Godiva (or how Grace pronounced it.. Go Diva)
3/4 oz Baileys
Chocolate Syrup for Garnish

Sunset at Montage.

Orange County Fair slogan was “Let’s Eat”…we did 🙂

A Semi BBQ!

Deep Fried Snicker.

Deep Fried Butter.

Fried Kool-aid....yes that is what I said...Kool- Aid

Here are a few more crazy foods there: Chocolate Covered Bacon wrapped oreos, Deep fried avocado, chocolate covered corn dogs, deep fried Twinkies, Deep fried Oreos, Mexican funnel cake, Apple Frys, deep fried Caramel Apples…..this is just naming a few. It was a fun time. You could definitely could spend a couple days there.

~Relish Food & Life 😉

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  1. I love Chocolate Martinis! Can’t wait to try this new White Chocolate one! Several years back we took the family all through California and loved Laguna Beach as well. We also stayed in Orange County but missed their Fair.

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