Bucket List…Zip Line…Done!


Home Sweet Home….We are back in Breese and it feels good. This post will be about the rest of the trip and going back to a few places that I mentioned before (I did not have those photos when I posted last)

I know you have seen my Laguna Beach photos…but have to show 2 more. Have I mention how much I love Laguna 😉

View from our hotel

Another view from hotel.

As I mentioned before, we went to San Diego first. Mark visited a naval ship and Grace and I headed for Old Towne. Old Town San Diego is considered the “birthplace” of California. San Diego is the site of the first permanent Spanish settlement in California. We felt like we were in Mexico 🙂  They had the best plants there…Here are a few photos from there.

Look at this rosemary bush. I am standing on a landing about 6 inches high. They grow them as hedges and bushes around there. I wish we could.

Love this!

Fish Taco...yum!

I love these too!

I can check Zip Lining OFF my bucket list. I am not sure it was on there in the first place….but now it is and it is checked off! I have to be honest, I was scared. I did not think I would fall, I felt safe…we were just really high and it is really hard to LEAN FORWARD AND STEP OFF INTO NOTHING! The whole experience took 2 hours, which was really long.  5 separate zip lines dropping from 600 feet to 60 feet above sea level with one run that is 1,100 lineal feet long all on it’s own!  If I can do it…anyone can do it!!

Getting ready for instructions.

1st Zip and they wanted me to smile for a photo! No! I would like to mention I went first out of the 3 of us 😉

Jill, you need to lean forward.

I can do this , I can do this...

Panic stage...lean forward and step off!

That was the process each time. I never screamed, I believe I did not breath. I did not want to talk to anyone between them…I was in a zone and needed to think about the next one. The guide talked forever between zips about buffalo, foxes and eagles. The 3rd  zip one of the girls on the trip said “Boy, he talks a lot”. I said ” yes he does. I have seen a fox, we have eagles in our county and a buffalo farm near by…let’s go!” The group was so good…they would cheer me on.

I believe this was the 4th one and we are getting closer to the bottom. They wanted us to let go of one hand and turn around for a photo....the best I could do was have my legs out of tuck position!

Can you see at the top where this zip started?

Legs shaking...Fake smile!

Fake Smile…again!

REAL smile….I am DONE! Yay!
The instructor was so sweet…  At the end of this zip he told me “Jill, see what you have done today. It was a huge thing for you. You faced your fear…remember this day when you have something challenging in your life. If you did this, you can get do anything”  🙂  He also told me that they are now going to offer night time zips in the dark…I said NO WAY! I am glad that I did it….will I do it again…I have learned never say never!
Here is a video of the 5 different zips on Catalina Island.
Here are a few other photos from Catalina. It is a beautiful place. We want to come back and stay on the island.
 Catalina Island, I will be back one day!
This post is getting way too long. I will share more on the next post…plus back to recipes 🙂
~Relish Food & Life

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